Block Every Single One of Them

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There was a time when advertisements on every website you visit were so annoying and irritating. It won’t matter how these advertisements were shown to you, either in-line or in the form of pop-ups.

So some people designed adblockers, which made our life so simple. Just install the extension in…


No One and Nothing is Safe Online

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High-profile accounts like Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Joe Biden, rapper Kanye West, investor Warren Buffett and corporations including Apple, Wendy’s, Uber, and many other high and low profile verified twitter accounts were hacked recently.

When verified high-profile twitter accounts (accounts with blue tick mark sign) are not safe…


Do today’s models work with IoT and Big Data and Why We Should be Concerned about Data Breaches.

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It’s almost five years old story. I was out of the country on a long-term business assignment and I was living with my partner in London. Though we were in a live-in relationship for almost a year, we had our own private lives. I was the person of “going slow”…


Still Not Concerned About Online Privacy. Think Again.

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Social Ratings are coming, which will change the way how companies will do business in the near future. Social Ratings are another reason why we shouldn’t share everything online.

Social ratings are just a glimpse of what’s coming and how our own data will be used against us.

But, before…

Jenney Clark

Addicted reader, Writer in making, Online Privacy Advocate, Making an effort to educate average Joe to understand Online Privacy and how to protect it.

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